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10 Best Gaming Laptops Under 1500 Dollar

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It wasn't that long ago that you had to shell out big bucks to buy a Gamer PC, and while that's still true to some extent, you no longer have to sell a kidney to get a reasonably good one. Mid-range gamer laptops have become very capable, and many of them are equipped with the GTX 1060, a relatively powerful GPU that can even handle VR. In addition, they are equipped with the latest generation of i7 computers, plenty of RAM, and sufficient storage.

Want to play the latest and greatest AAA games the way they were meant to be experienced but worried about dipping into your savings? We will tell you about some of the best gamer laptops for under 1500 dollars. All of the gaming laptops featured in this buying guide will provide you with the performance you need to compete seriously and immerse yourself in the virtual worlds of your favorite games.

We'll start our list with reviews of 10 of our favorite Gamer laptops. Then, we'll take a closer look at the main gamer laptop features and specifications and directly answer some of the questions we hear most often for models in this price range.


Specifications to look at when buying the best gaming laptops under $1500

Read this buying guide to understand all the features you might need in your laptop to make it optimal for gaming.


A gaming laptop should have a powerful processor that can handle multiple gaming tasks without lag.

The best processors for gaming laptops are the Intel Core I series, AMD Ryzen and FX series, and Intel Pentium and Celeron processors.


A good graphics card is important for gaming, so make sure you have one that is up to your needs.

You don't need a high-end card if you only play less demanding games or older titles, but if you want to play with high settings, you'll need something more powerful.


For gaming laptops, we recommend at least 8GB of RAM - this will ensure that your computer can handle multitasking without any problems.

RAM plays a very important role in games, as it allows you to temporarily store game data so that your machine doesn't have to reload everything every time you make a change.


For gaming laptops, it's best to have an SSD drive instead of a hard drive because they are faster and more reliable for gaming. If your budget allows, go for at least 256GB, but don't forget that you can always buy external storage if you need it!

For gaming PCs, on the other hand, we recommend getting a hard drive or SSHD, depending on how much space you need. Remember that SSHDs are not fast enough to replace traditional hard drives fully, so use them only; when necessary!


The size of your laptop is important not only because it determines how easily it will be carried with you, but also it's cooling systems. For example, larger gaming laptops may be difficult to carry, but they usually have better cooling systems.


The screen size of your gaming laptop is determined by how much money you're willing to spend on it, so be sure to prioritize this feature if budgeting for a gaming laptop under $1,500 isn't an issue for you!

We recommend getting at least 1080p resolution, as higher resolutions consume more battery life and reduce processing speeds.

If possible, aim for one with G-Sync or Freesync support. These prevent tearing and stuttering, which detracts from gameplay quality.

However, remember that while 1440p displays look great, they can actually decrease FPS in some games, so consider what's right for your needs before you buy.


A gaming laptop should have plenty of ports so you can easily connect all your peripherals. These include USB ports (preferably USB Type-C), an HDMI port, and DisplayPort.

Some gaming laptops also come with optical drive slots, but we recommend buying an external one if this is important to you, as they often take up space on the machine.


Make sure you have a gaming laptop with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. These are the most common connectivity options, but make sure your gaming laptop is equipped for it if you need something else!


While not necessary, many gamers prefer a built-in webcam for streaming or video chat. If this is something you're interested in, be sure to check if the gaming laptop you're looking at has one before you buy it!

Operating System

Unless you're already familiar with them, we don't recommend buying a gaming laptop with the Windows operating system, as many gaming laptops come pre-installed with bloatware that you'll probably want to uninstall.

Instead, consider buying a gaming laptop with Linux or no operating system at all - this ensures that your machine is completely optimized for gaming!

Battery Life

The gaming laptop you choose should have at least 5 hours of battery life. If possible, opt for one with nine or more to ensure it can last even during the longest gaming sessions!


You should prioritize the weight of a gaming laptop if you plan to carry your machine for long periods.

We recommend that you weigh no more than 6 pounds, but be sure to check the dimensions of the gaming laptop before you buy it.