All About the Exotic Shorthair Cat

The Exotic Shorthair cats are one of the most loved feline pedigrees in the United States. It is the result of crossbreeding Persian cats with American Shorthairs. Cats of this breed are popular because of their cuddly appearance and sweet disposition. This breed carries the personality of a Persian cat but without long hair. However, Exotics have also inherited some of the playfulness of American Shorthairs which is why they are perfect for those looking for furry companions that are gentle but can also handle a bit of playtime.

A Brief History On The Exotic Shorthair Cat

Exotic Shorthair cats have only been around since the 1950s but they have quickly made their way into the Cat Fanciers Association’s list of the most popular cat breeds in the US. American Shorthair breeder, Jane Martin, wanted to capture the silver-colored coat and green eyes of Persian cats so she decided to crossbreed the two. The experiment produced beautiful kittens which, unfortunately, failed to meet the breed standards of the American Shorthair pedigree.

Nevertheless, Martin was fascinated with the teddy bear-like appearance of these felines so she decided to continue with the breeding and proposed that the new pedigree be called Sterling. However, this posed as a problem because litters weren’t always sterling in color. The breed’s name was eventually changed to Exotic Shorthair and finally recognized other colors.

Appearance Of The Exotic Shorthair Cat

Exotics are heavy-boned medium-sized cats that look more like stuffed toys than actual animals. Their large eyes, snub nose, and small cupped ears are set on a rounded face. Their entire body is covered with fluffy short hair thus making them look plumper than they are. Undeniably, the physical appearance of Exotics makes them irresistible to almost anyone, including those that aren’t cat lovers.

The Exotic Shorthair Cat’s Temperament

Exotic Shorthairs inherited the quiet disposition of Persian cats and the playful curiosity of American Shorthairs. These cats are a joy to have as pets because not only are they loyal, but they are also very affectionate. Exotics rarely leave their owners’ side and are always ready to cuddle. Believe it or not, they also give out hugs!

Cats of this breed are great for urban homes and small apartments because they rarely mew and if they do, the sound isn’t annoying. Rather than the usual sound that cats make, and Exotic sounds more like a chirping bird. Their sweet and easy-going nature makes Exotic Shorthairs a good choice for families with small children.

Health Concerns

Not unlike other feline breeds with snubbed noses, Exotics are also prone to developing respiratory problems. Polycystic Kidney Disease is another illness that owners should be concerned about. These cats can live very long lives as long as they are cared for properly and pay regular visits to the vet.

Exotics are very low maintenance when it comes to grooming which is why they are referred to as “a lazy man’s Persian”. They only need to be combed at least once a week and rarely shed. However, they tend to tear a lot thus their eye area must be cleaned almost daily to prevent dermatitis from developing.

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